A business or business proposition is only as good as they quality of its presentation. Whether pitching or writing a business plan, selling a product or liaising with suppliers, portraying a capable and professional image is absolutely paramount to achieving success within the corporate world.

The writing of a business plan and its presentation to captive investors has the potential to create a wonderful first impression of both an individual and a business concept. As long as it conceived with a clear vision and delivered with confident projections and assertions, it can be the beginning of a lucrative business and financial partnership.

Writing A Business Plan And Its Key Features

A good starting point when undertaking a business plan is the creation of a business plan outline. This is a clear and concise overview of the business model, and can be achieved through very simple steps. Firstly, deliver confident information on what the business concept is and what it will do. Then, explain exactly where the business will reside within the relevant marketplace, as this also shows potential investors a knowledge of the industry and competing companies in existence.

An outline must then explain the inspiration and need for the business, and is an excellent way to display the demand for the business idea (market research is well versed method of displaying a large target market for the enterprise). Finally, it must consider and explain how the business will work and the ways in which it will be successful and operate at a healthy profit for the owner and the investor. These steps will assist in the building of a precise and well considered business plan, and enables even the most complex of ideas and concepts to be presented in a simple business plan.

Business Plan Software and Presentation

In terms of designing, writing and presenting a business plan, there are various tools available to aid the process. There are various brands of business plan software available for the consumer, offering variable levels of service and expert guidance depending on the overall cost. For example, a standardized piece of business planner software will lend all the tools required to assist with elements such as financial projections and organization of the company, whereas there are more advanced software kits that include an extensive knowledge base of proven business principles and business concepts. Whilst the advanced software is a more expensive product, its additional guidance and benefits may be the difference between the success and failure of a particular project.

A shared concept of most pieces of business plan software is the function to create a professional business plan presentation in conjunction with Microsoft’s PowerPoint facility. The business plan software will take all of the information it has been provided with to create a range of slides, charts and tables through PowerPoint, which can be collated and shown as a complete presentation. This is, of course, only as good as the research and information that has gone into it, so ensuring that the collected data is precise is just as important as creating an aesthetically pleasing and detailed presentation of the business plan.

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