Most people who have been on the internet know about eBay, eBay is an on-line auction site where you can buy and sell just about anything. eBay just does not sell old or used items you can buy brand new articles as well. Lots of people use eBay to make a bit of extra cash by selling their old items which they no longer use. There are also a lot of eBay sellers who are making a living buying and selling things on there as well. If you do the correct research and find a niche in the marketplace you too could start making a living on eBay.

The first steps in starting an eBay business is to first join eBay, you will also need to join PayPal which is the way most people pay for items on eBay. Once you have joined both of these I would suggest you have a look around to see what is being sold and bought by people. You do need to get some feedback on your account, the easiest way of doing this is buy a few things which you need from different eBay sellers, and they will then leave you feedback. Once you have a bit of feedback try selling a few small items or items you no longer need, these will probably go for lower prices than normal due to the limited feedback this will get better the more feedback you acquire.

The next thing you should do is take a look at some of the eBay stores and see what types of items they are selling this can give you your eBay store ideas of what you may want to start selling. One of the best things to sell is something you know about such as maybe watches or antiques for example. There is a way you can sell brand new products without actually buying them yourself its called drop shipping and you will see lots of adverts for this service, if you are considering this aspect take care as there are already lots of people doing this and the margins of profit are not big and you will have to get your pricing right to make any money at all.

There are lots of things to consider if you are starting an eBay store or just want to make a living buying and selling on eBay. You will have to pay eBay fees which are various such as a listing fee which you pay to show your item to the world, don scrimp on not showing a picture because if people cannot see it they will not buy it. Once the item is sold you will pay a sellers fee which is a percentage of the selling price. If you own an eBay store you will also pay monthly for that as well. Other costs include PayPal fees if you are paid via PayPal then they will charge you commission on the transaction. You will also have to account for the amount you spend on sending the item to the buyer.

Other things to consider are that if you are going to make this a business you will also be liable for tax as well on your earnings. You may also have to employ an accountant to sort your accounts for tax purposes, so starting an eBay business is very similar to any other business there is lots to consider and you have to do your research and see if you are able to make a viable profit for you to live of the earnings.

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