There are lots of people who are passionate about cooking and would love to start their own catering business. Most of these people do not know where to start when deciding on starting their own catering business; however there is lots of information on the internet on how you can start your own business including information and web sites on the catering side of home businesses. If you want to start your own catering business then you do not have to be good at cooking but you will need to employ someone who is!!

When considering starting a catering business you will have to decide what type of catering business you wish to have. There is the event catering where you go along to events such as weddings and provide all the catering for the event. Another option is a mobile catering business where you have a trailer and setup at a location and provide meals and snacks from passing trade or customers. Mobile catering is sometimes not actually mobile but a static located trailer or temporary building which is located near industrial sites, building works and offices this is where your customers will come from.

A mobile catering business is probably the easiest of the self employed catering businesses to start up as you can do the cooking yourself and as long as you pick the right location you should do well. The downside to mobile catering is that it is hard to expand your business unless you buy more mobile catering trailers and get other people to run them for you. The upside is you do not have to be the world’s greatest chef and normally its quite basic food which is served from mobile catering trailers.

Event catering is a totally different affair you do need a quality chef, so if this is not you then you will need to employ one. Also you will need staff as most functions or events will be for quite a few people and it will be too much for you to do it yourself. Most event catering includes using people to serve the food as well as set up the food display and cooking and preparing the food. The downside of event catering is you will need to employ people; you will have to advertise more and get your pricing, wages and organization right. The upside is once you have established your event catering and made a name for producing quality food at reasonable pricing then the more business you should get and the easier it is to expand.

Don’t forget if you are going to start a catering business you may also need to look into having a catering business license and also insurance for catering business. You may need one or the other of these things or both in certain circumstances you will have to check with your state or city laws. There is lots of information on the internet about how to start up your own catering business and on the government websites there is also information on starting your own business. Make sure you are legal and comply with all the laws and rules and you should be alright as long as you check first.

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