Starting an internet business is quite easy and there are various different things you can do to when starting a business from home. You can write articles for people or write articles promoting a certain product and post them to the many article websites on the internet. You can make Squidoo lenses or Hub pages which are like mini websites, these mini-websites can be made to promote products or services which people will pay for you can make money via Google Adsense, Ebay affiliate and Amazon affiliate programs. Squidoo has selling or making money modules which are linked to various programs such as Amazon or eBay. Below are some ideas on how to make start a business with no money.

Make Squidoo Lenses is a good place to look at when starting a home business as it costs nothing to join and you can make little mini websites which you can link to selling products, Squidoo will also pay you each month for your lenses depending on their ranking. There are also selling modules such as Amazon and eBay and if someone clicks through your link you get a percentage of the sales.

Making Hub Pages

Another free site is this is very similar to Squidoo but you do not get monthly payments, however you do get commission on sales through your Hubpages. You do need to have an Amazon and eBay affiliate account, but as with Squidoo it is totally free to join and make the pages.

Writing Articles Promoting Clickbank Sales

You can write articles and post them on the various article sites which are on the internet. Using these articles you can link them to Clickbank Products. Go to and see what products are available to promote. Then you can write an article on the subject or product and put links into your Clickbank account via a code you get from Clickbank and then submit the article to an article site such as Ezine articles, if people buy the product via your link you will get commission on the sale, again this does not cost anything.

Offer Writing Services

There are lots of sites on the internet who offer writing services for people, they are somewhere a person who needs articles written for there business go to employ someone to write the article for them, you can register with this site and bid for the job if accepted the person will inform you what they want the article about and how long you then write it and once the other person accepts it they will pay you for the article.

People are always asking the same question on the internet which is how to start and internet business without spending any money. Here are just a few ideas for you to consider. Other ideas are if you know how to build small websites then you can offer your services on certain websites who advertise jobs and you may well get jobs this way. If you want to work for yourself then the ideas above are a good start there are lots of other free sites where you can make money for free by making things or doing work. However the internet is not an easy place to make instant money it takes lots of time and effort before you see decent results, it is not the instant get rich quick option but more like a longer commitment.

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