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Starting a home business is exciting, daunting, confusing and can also be very stressful.

Whether it’s a ‘cottage’ industry starting from a hobby or a vast industrial concern, the fears, trials and tribulations are similar. Whether you are lucky enough to have saved up money for your home business or require finance, the initial step is to research the structure of your business and write a business plan.  For finance, this document is the important plan which a financial advisor will want to see before allowing your business any financial support; for your own self financed project, it will form the basis of your future in commerce.

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Starting your own small business can, at the same time, be both the most exciting and scary thing you ever do!  Even if you are confident about your business idea, the next step of organizing your business resources can drain both your confidence and your energy!   It always helps to have a sense of the major priorities, to ensure that nothing’s forgotten and if that’s the point you’re at, then have a quick check over these business resource must-haves:

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